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How to Maximise efficiency with industrial cleaning

Renovation & repair

How to Maximise efficiency with industrial cleaning

Unleash the potential of
Industrial cleaning

Centurion Power & Equipment is a business line of Centurion Group, a UK based company. They offer a comprehensive range of power and equipment solutions to meet various industry needs such as power generation and industrial equipment, energy storage solutions, power distribution equipment, maintenance, support services. Through these services they can provide customers globally, across several industry sectors including offshore, with temporary power, air, steam, and rental equipment solutions.

Say goodbye to clogged compressors

Industrial cleaning plays a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and performance of equipment, as demonstrated by the experience of Centurion. The company faced significant challenges in removing carbon and rust from their spark arrestors used offshore, which may have resulted in adverse consequences. If not properly cleaned, the accumulation of rust and carbon hindered the compressors’ ability to operate optimally, impacting their overall efficiency and lead to elevated temperatures of up to 120°C. Underestimating the importance of industrial cleaning can have serious consequences on equipment performance and functionality. Additionally, it is worth highlighting that Centurion has experienced a significant reduction in man-hour cost due to the decreased need for washing interceptors. With the implementation of more efficient cleaning methods, the company now spends less time and resources on this task.

Industrial cleaning solutions provide increased functionality on compressor and power generation offshore

We have had a successful collaboration with Neil Harper, the Global Asset Manager at Centurion Power & Equipment (UK). Neil Harper has expressed great satisfaction with the efficiency and effectiveness of our partnership with DST. By using DST-DEGREEZ/9E and DST-DEBURR/T3, Centurion has achieved remarkable results in removing rust and carbon, with an impressive amount of 8 kg per asset. Considering they have 180 assets in need of cleaning; this translates to significant results. Hence, the temperature in their compressors has been reduced from 120°C to a much lower 50°C, thanks to the effectiveness of DST products. This has also allowed their spark arrestors to operate for longer. This achievement has led to increased customer satisfaction, as Neil Harper stated, “We have received excellent service from DST, who are always readily available and willing to go the extra mile alongside the customer.”

Key outcome


  • Achieved a significant temperature reduction of 60%.
  • High power usage is no longer equired for effective washing.
  • Lower temperatures have resulted in significantly reduced diesel consumption.
  • Improved productivity.


  • Equipment can be dispatched more quickly with the use of DST products.
  • Successfully removed 8 kg carbon and rust from spark arrestors.
  • Quicker turn around of equipment contributes to increased productivity and rental opportunities.


  • ESG key figures have been optimized through reduced energy consumption.
  • DST-products are eco-friendly, making them suitable for both onshore and offshore applications.
  • Improved working conditions for employees, positively impacting the social aspect of the company.

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How to maintain high-quality product standards in partscleaning


How to maintain


product standards


VOLA A/S, a renowned Danish manufacturer specializing in design fixtures, has achieved remarkable advancements in their cleaning processes through a close collaboration with DST-CHEMICALS for over 20 years.

This long-lasting and dynamic partnership has not only resulted in substantial cost savings but has also witnessed a remarkable enhancement in the quality of VOLA’s wash baths. Prioritising their commitment to high production standards and Danish craftsmanship, VOLA faced the challenge of frequently changing their wash baths, which not only consumed valuable resources but also impacted their operational efficiency.


The partnership between VOLA A/S and DST-CHEMICALS A/S began in the early 2000s. The collaboration has not only addressed the need for a more precise measurement method of the quality of the wash baths but has also ensured consistent high quality in the cleaning process. This breakthrough has since the beginning elevated VOLA’s already high standards, guaranteeing top-notch results every time. 

DST-CHEMICALS recognises and appreciates VOLA’s commitment to Danish production, high quality, and stringent production standards: “We are proud to be able to deliver solutions that align with VOLA’s values and contribute to their continued success”.


As part of the Pure Performance concept, DST-CHEMICALS conducted a comprehensive evaluation of VOLA’s existing wash processes. Through advanced testing, DST-CHEMICALS identified the most suitable water-based cleaning product that not only ensured effective cleaning but also reduced the need for frequent bath changes.

The regular service and maintenance visits conducted by the dedicated service team from DST-CHEMICALS not only ensures optimal operation of all VOLA’s cleaning processes after machining but the visits also allows for ongoing improvements as well as training of VOLA’s staff.



  • Extended intervals between bath changes:
    From 26 to 4 changes per year.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Improved productivity.


  • Introduction of systematic method for
    measuring and monitoring bath quality.
  • Ensures consistent high cleaning standards
    for VOLA’s production.


  • Implementation of service plan.
  • Dedicated technician visits VOLA
    approximately once per quarter.
  • Ensures optimal operation of cleaning process.
  • Allows for ongoing improvements
    and adjustments.

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DST-Degreasers for industrial parts cleaning solutions.

Sustainable solution for industrial cleaning challenges

Pure Performance logo


Sustainable solution
for industrial
cleaning challenges

The secret behind a 40% lower energy consumption

BUFAB Lann is the leading producer of turned parts in Sweden, known for their exceptional machining capabilities and expertise in CNC Single Spindle, CNC Multi Spindle, Multiplex machines, milling machines, and Rotary Transfer Machines.
As a subsidiary of BUFAB, a major supplier of fasteners and related products in Europe, BUFAB Lann has built a reputation for excellence in the industry.


BUFAB Lann faced several challenges with its industrial cleaning processes. Specifically, the company was struggling with spots on the parts after washing, the need to wash at high temperatures, and the use of multiple chemicals in the process. To address these issues, BUFAB Lann sought a more sustainable and efficient industrial cleaning solution that would not compromise the quality of its products. After extensive research and evaluation, BUFAB Lann partnered with DST-CHEMICALS.

Emil Aggefors, warehouse manager at BUFAB Lann says: “When we select our supplier we want a partner. For us, DST could provide the help we needed to optimize the use of our chemicals and support our cleaning process.”


When evaluating potential partners for a surface treatment solution, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of each option. This includes not only the upfront cost of the actual cleaning products but also the cost of implementing and maintaining the solution over time. Together BUFAB Lann and DST-CHEMICALS calculated the TCO based on the cost of energy, water, and other resources needed to operate the solution.

The maintenance costs involved were also examined; from man hours to bath and machine maintenance. The water-based products from DST-CHEMICALS are formulated to cause minimum damage on the equipment used for degreasing and cleaning and Emil Aggefors is happy with the cooperation: “We have a very close cooperation where DST help us monitor our baths in order for them to stay in good condition. DST is also a great partner for advice and support.”


Through the adoption of DST-CHEMICALS’ products, BUFAB Lann was able to achieve remarkable improvements on the surface cleaning.

The new solution offered superior cleaning performance, reduced energy consumption, and eliminated the need for multiple chemicals. Moreover, the use of DST-CHEMICALS’ products resulted in significant cost savings for BUFAB Lann, which amounted to a 40% reduction in energy costs alone.


  • Cleaner parts
  • 40% reduction in energy consumption
  • Just one cleaning product in use
  • Improved work environment
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Optimized production flow
  • Regular after-sales service
    & maintenance visits

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Perfect cleaning for the
wind turbine industry


Optimised cleaning processes ensures
high quality

How ZF Wind Power optimised their cleaning process and boosted productivity

ZF Wind Power puts wind turbines in motion and their advanced technology and service solutions contribute to the transformation of the global energy system, in which reliable, robust and efficient products and systems conserve precious resources.

In the world of wind turbine production, gearboxes are the heart of the operation. ZF Wind Power, a leading name in the industry, knows this all too well. But even the best gearboxes can’t perform their magic if they’re not spotless. That’s where DST-CHEMICALS comes into play, with their innovative cleaning solution – DST-PINK GEL. But you may ask, why pink?

Back in 2018, DST-CHEMICALS and ZF Wind Power put their heads together to develop, test, and optimise DST-PINK GEL. The journey wasn’t without its challenges, but the result was worth every effort.

Jean-Pierre Huyberechts (ZF Wind Power): “ZF is dedicated to standardising all our fluids to a consistently high level of quality. This ensures we deliver the same top-notch results to our customers, every time, no matter whether the gearbox is produced in the US, China, India, or Belgium. That’s precisely why DST-CHEMICALS is such a crucial partner for us.”


ZF Wind Power faced daily problems with poor wash quality and poor wash results using a different detergent. The gearboxes weren’t as clean as they needed to be, which led to excessive manual cleaning. Given their long-standing partnership and successful product development history, ZF Wind Power reached out to DST-CHEMICALS. Could they help develop a new cleaner?

DST-PINK GEL is a ready-to-use product that’s sprayed onto the part needing cleaning, then rinsed off. Any part of the gearbox still showing the pink colour are the tricky spots that need a bit of extra elbow grease. When ZF Wind Power produces gearboxes, every part must be immaculate before moving forward to the next step in the production process.

So, next time you see a wind turbine spinning gracefully in the breeze, remember – it’s not just about the wind. It’s also about the perfect cleanliness of each gearbox, thanks to DST-PINK GEL. And yes, it’s pink for a reason!


ZF Wind Power had a very particular set of requirements for the new detergent. It had to be effective and versatile and yet extremely user-friendly. Enter DST-CHEMICALS, with their can-do attitude and cleaning expertise.
Through a series of rigorous tests in both Lommel (Belgium) and Kolding (the headquarters of DST-CHEMICALS in Denmark), they hit upon the perfect solution. They added a dash of pink to the detergent. Not just for aesthetics, mind you, but to help the staff identify which areas needed a bit more elbow grease. The product also had to be ready-to-use and easily applied and removed.
After studying the product’s composition, our scientists at the lab at DST-CHEMICALS found just the right solution. DST-PINK GEL was then developed, tested in various processes, and put to work – first in Lommel, Belgium, and now globally at ZF Wind Power.


Here’s where things get really interesting. DST-PINK GEL is applied using a hand sprayer, and after a quick 10-15 minutes, it can be effortlessly removed by one person. They then apply a water-based corrosion inhibitor DST-PAS/1.
Now, instead of spending three hours on one gearbox and taking up valuable space, ZF Wind Power can handle six gearboxes at once. And all this with just one person and without using any solvents.


  • Co-creation and innovative solutions
  • Total cleaning and degreasing of metal parts on wind turbine gearboxes
  • Preparation for additional processing – lacquer or paint
  • Water based solution – no solvents used
  • Saves resources – both manpower and time
  • Standardising fluids – and quality – globally

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A sustainable solution and
higher quality at Danfoss

Copyright ©Danfoss (12/2019)


From identification
to quick implementation

A sustainable solution
and higher quality

Danfoss Easley in South Carolina (US) is a supplier of mobile hydraulics for agricultural machines and construction equipment (OHV’s). As a supplier, it is extremely important to be able to supply hydraulic components of a high quality, enabling the customers to operate optimally – and without breakdowns. 

Danfoss Easley experienced daily problems with their oxide removal baths after TEM (thermal deburring) and were not satisfied with the quality of the cleansed hydraulic manifolds. DST-CHEMICALS has visited Danfoss Easley in South Carolina, US.

Nick Bjerregaard, Technical Process Manager at DST-CHEMICALS, elaborates on the challenge, the solution – and the result.


For cleansing and washing hydraulic components, Danfoss Easley uses oxide removal baths. They experienced many daily problems causing baths to last only a week – and the results were poor. There were too many oxides on the surface after washing.

Danfoss Easley used many resources, water as well as time, on washing. And this at a temperature of 70°C. In order for the employees to be able to handle the washed components further along in the process, the components had to be placed in a cooling tunnel.

A long process, which had to be repeated every week. This resulted in waste of time, energy – as well as high water consumption and the use of many chemicals.


We wanted to reduce the water consumption and the use of chemicals and increase the quality of the washing of hydraulic manifolds at Danfoss Easley. And to that end, we introduced various measures, explains Nick Bjerregaard.

Using DST-DEBURR, Danfoss Easley could lower the water temperature to 45°C. And instead of replacing the baths each week – Danfoss Easley was able to just replace once a month. By lowering the water temperature – from 70°C to 45°C – Danfoss Easley was also able to turn off the cooling tunnel after the washing process. 

The hydraulic manifolds could be handled right away. This also gave the employees a much better – and quicker – flow in the work process.


Lowering the temperature of the baths – and using smaller amounts of chemicals – is also of great  significance to the environment. The solution is more sustainable – and has also optimised the handling of hydraulic manifolds at Danfoss Easley. At the same time, they have saved time and money and increased quality. And thus, they can deliver a better end product to their customers.

DST-CHEMICALS is currently working with several Danfoss divisions, training new employees and doing follow-up service.


  • The temperature has been lowered from 70°C-45°C
  • Approx. 50% saved energy and carbon
  • Higher quality after TEM
  • Biodegradable and sustainable solution
  • A smaller carbon footprint
  • A more stable process – better flow

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