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Industrial cleaning is a question of chemistry

We at DST-CHEMICALS help people all over the world streamline industrial cleaning processes. Obviously, the chemicals in your cleaners are crucial. But there is more. There needs to be chemistry. A spark of we’re in it together. Our specialists are ready to help find your next energy-saving and cost-cutting cleaning solution. Are you?

DST Chemicals soapy water
DST Chemicals soapy water

Clean up with cost-cutting products

3 reasons customers can’t get enough of our cleaners

High performance at
low temperatures

Our cleaners are foam-free from 38°C. This allows you to cut operating costs and streamline cleaning processes.

Makes your
workday easier

The pH of our water-based cleaning products varies from slightly acidic to neutral and slightly alkaline. As a result, parts cleaning is possible – without risking the health of employees.

bath life

Our water-based, demulsifying cleaning products allow you to increase production time thanks to the longer bath life. Without compromising on cleanliness, obviously.

Cleaning at low temperatures has never been hotter.

Pure Performance in industrial cleaning

No cleaner fits all. That is why we develop cleaning solutions to meet specific operational needs. The first step is to understand your cleaning processes. What do you need? And what is challenging you? When we know, we move on to the next steps of the process. Yes, there is a process. It’s called Pure Performance, and it delivers as promised.

Assessing the requirements

Step 1/6

We visit your production facilities to understand your industrial cleaning processes. To help you find the optimum solution, we take samples of the oil or emulsion back home to our lab and, if possible, the parts to be cleaned are taken as well.

Tests & analysis

Step 2/6
Now it’s time to find the best industrial cleaning solution to meet your needs. To do so, our specialists test a wide range of water-based industrial cleaners with focus on their ability to demulsify in relation to your current application and equipment available.

Development (R&D)

Step 3/6
Your problem is our pain. If we don’t have the cleaner to fit your needs, we will develop it. Sounds simple. However, it is not. Fortunately, our experienced chemists love innovating water-based cleaning products and they will develop the precise formulation for your operation.


Step 4/6
After finding your optimum water-based industrial cleaning product, it is time to put it into action. One of our experienced technicians will pay you a visit to pour in the metal cleaning product and adjust the machine to ensure optimum performance.


Step 5/6
After using the new water-based cleaner for 21 days, you will get a visit from us. We will talk about the performance of your industrial cleaning solution – and train your staff and offer tips and tricks for efficient maintenance of the bath.

Maintenance & service

Step 6/6
We are always ready to help you. According to your needs and wishes, our technician will perform service visits. This way we make sure the industrial cleaning solution meets your high standards and offers you Pure Performance.

Cleaning is a question of chemistry – and cold cash

Less water. Less energy consumption. Less hassle. More productivity and cost reductions. Our cleaning products offer you a wide range of benefits. As a result, we not only help you clean things up – we help you save money. And isn’t that what it’s all about? If you agree, you should dive into our dedicated page and discover the financial benefits of choosing the right cleaning solution.

Every cleaner is developed in our own lab

Our high product quality is due to the fantastic team of scientists in our lab. They develop and produce all our water-based industrial cleaning products at our headquarters in Denmark.

Clean as a whistle

Comply with
global legislation

Working with chemicals is a serious business. This is why we comply with appropriate legislation offering you peace of mind. Our dedicated regulatory specialists make sure we comply with GHS, REACH and CLP. You know what that means. If not, please reach out for an explanation of these abbreviations.

cleaning solutions

Our ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates prove that we are constantly working to improve the consistency of our operations. We also want to improve efficiency and save money – so we can keep our promise to you: we improve our customers’ business

Meet national

Different countries have different legislation. This is perfectly fine with us. We stay updated and develop cleaning solutions that meet national legislation. Additionally, we make sure that specific product approvals are obtained when necessary.

Can you feel it, too?

On the spotless surface achieving Pure Performance might seem easy. It is not. It is a question of chemistry.

So, if you, like us, believe in the power of working with dedicated specialists, we are ready to help. Let’s reduce cost and improve your environmental footprint with a new industrial cleaning solution.

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