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Effective industrial cleaners: Carefully selected solutions for professional cleaning

Water-based industrial cleaner directly from our lab – Specialized for all your cleaning needs. Industrial cleaners are special cleaners for parts cleaning, industrial floors, workshops, machines, and systems. Every industry and production facility has unique cleaning challenges. With our carefully developed products, we meet our customers’ individual needs and ensure first-class cleaning results. Choose the industrial cleaner that suits your requirements.


DST-DEGREEZ includes water-based cleaners with a wide range of applications. DST-DEGREEZ is particularly suitable for cleaning and degreasing metal parts, including aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, steel, cast iron, stainless steel and more. The DST-DEGREEZ product line has a demulsifying effect, meaning it separates the oil from the wash solution and extends bath lifetime. Furthermore, by utilizing the DST-DEGREEZ you can reduce the temperature of the bath water, eventually, you will end up saving money. This leads to fewer interruptions in the cleaning process.

Packaging unit: 28 kg, 224 kg, 1050 kg 
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DST-DEBURR was specifically developed for removing oxide layers after thermal deburring or electrochemical processing of metal parts. DST-DEBURR is suitable for cleaning steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. This means that parts can be cleaned efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner, so that no manual or additional subsequent cleaning is required.

Packaging unit: 28 kg, 224 kg, 1050 kg 
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DST-DERUST, industrial and water-based rust removal that efficiently removes even stubborn rust. The products remove deep-rooted rust on metals such as steel, cast iron, brass, copper, zinc, and aluminum. The environmentally friendly industrial cleaners against rust are highly effective even at low water temperatures and help to extend the bath lifetime. In this way, the creation process can be designed safely and efficiently. 

Packagingunit: 28 kg, 224 kg1050 kg
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DST-FLOOR CLEANER is an environmentally friendly, high-performance industrial floor cleaner that can be used in many ways. The product is suitable for various floor types, including epoxy floors, as well as various floor coatings and cleaning machines. It can be used both in automatic cleaning machines and by hand. Thanks to its low concentration and efficient floor cleaning in just one operation, it leads to low consumption and cost savings. 

Packagingunit: 28 kg, 224 kg, 1050 kg
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DST-OFFSHORE is a water-based neutral cleaner that was specially developed for cleaning oil rigs. Our DST-OFFSHORE cleaner has gotten the approval of Cefas and is also HOCNF approved in accordance with the OSPAR agreement and does not pose a threat to the maritime environment. It can therefore safely flow into the sea without endangering the environment. In addition, DST-OFFSHORE ensures safe use for employees as it does not contain any corrosive active ingredients.

Packagingunit 1050kg
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DST-CHEMICALS – your partner for industrial cleaners 

With over 35 years of experience, we at DST-CHEMICALS specialize in providing cleaning solutions for your needs. Whether it is in manufacturing, automotive or the off-road-vehicle industry. If you have special challenges, we would be happy to analyze them as part of the Pure Performance concept. We assess your specific requirements and test them in our tech lab. Based on our analysis, we recommend a specific or tested product that meets your requirements.

Discover our environmentally friendly cleaners developed specially for your industry

The importance of sustainability and environmental protection are what we are all about. That’s why our cleaning solutions have become a leading choice for meeting these requirements. Our water-based cleaners are not only effective in providing efficient cleaning, but they also prioritize the well-being of the environment. By using our sustainable solutions, you can create a safe and clean working environment while reducing the environmental impact of your industrial operations. 

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Of course, mixing the right chemicals in our lab is critical. But that alone is not enough.

Whether you work in purchasing or production, you need a partner who really wants to help you. A partner that solves your challenges with customized cleaning solutions.

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