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& sponsorships

We are all about working with dedicated partners. For this reason we are members of several trade organisations and sponsor various causes that make good sense to us because it aligns with our values.



The voice of remanufacturing since 1941

Joining APRA Europe as a member combines very well our chemicals production business with sustainable practices, industry expertise, and a supportive community committed to remanufacturing excellence. As a chemicals producer, our cleaners play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and performance of remanufactured parts. By supporting remanufacturing, we contribute to sustainability and resource conservation.

VMI Association

VMI – the association of engine repair companies

By becoming a member of VMI, our chemicals production business gains access to valuable networking, information and support withing the motor repair business. 

The VMI provides legal and industry-specific advice from knowledgeable experts, and by joining, we aim to contribute to a stronger, united industry that supports each other.

Dansk Industri

Private business organisation Danish Industry

DI is a private business and employers’ organisation representing approximately 20,000 companies in Denmark. DI aims to provide the best possible corporate conditions for their member companies.

By joining this organisation we get access to legal advice, trade-specific advise, business services as well as networks, analyses and much more. 

Danish Export Association

Danish Export Association assists Danish export companies in reaching global markets through market knowledge, collaboration, and new connections. 

As a member, we have become part of a robust network with over 700 export-oriented businesses. We support each other in tackling specific challenges. DEA and all the members guide eachother, helping us fast-track our exports and achieve international growth.

Business Kolding

Business Kolding is well-acquainted with, supports, and unites the businesses within the Kolding municipality. Their fundamental mission is to foster growth and advancement in the area.

As our HQ is located in Kolding, it makes great sense for us to join, support and take advantage of the networking, events, and training provided by the organisation. Additionally, participating in the Go Green Network allows us to get broader knowledge about the green initiative and contribute to the UN’s sustainability objectives.



The Association for families with children with cancer

Instead of sending Christmas cards to our customers and partners we, support The Association for Families with Children with Cancer.

The association organises activities for families affected by childhood cancer. The Association also provides psychological support and social worker assistance. We find that supporting this cause makes more sense and will have a greater impact than one of many Christmas card greetings.

Knæk Cancer

Knæk Cancer is an annual fundraising event in Denmark that aims to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and support. We have chosen to support the good cause by donating an amount of money each year, because we believe that together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

KIF Kolding

We are proud to sponsor the valued Kolding Football Club (KIF) and the local KIF handball club. We recognize the significance of sports in promoting friendship and healthy competition.

Furthermore, our colleagues at HQ in Kolding enjoy wathching and supporting the local club.

Can you feel it, too?

On the spotless surface achieving Pure Performance might seem easy. It is not. It is a question of chemistry.

So, if you, like us, believe in the power of working with dedicated specialists, we are ready to help. Let’s reduce cost and improve your environmental footprint with a new industrial cleaning solution.

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