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Pure Performance
– Our process and promise

Our job is easy to understand. We help hard-working companies improve their industrial cleaning processes, reduce cost per parts cleaned and improve the environmental footprint. We have a process for this. It’s called Pure Performance – and it delivers as promised.

Pure performance of our industrial cleaning products

How you get an industrial cleaning product

The Pure Performance process ensures you get a superior water-based industrial cleaning product – no matter whether you are looking for a degreaser cleaner, rust inhibitor or industrial degreasers, to name a few of our cleaning solutions.

The process is based on more than 35 years of experience and one universal truth: we need to fully understand your challenge to provide you with the right solution.

First step of the process is to assess your requirements – keep scrolling to explore the entire process step by step.

Are you looking for a way to reduce your cost per part and improve your environmental footprint using industrial cleaning products of water-based cleaners? Then you are in the right place

Assessing the requirements of industrial cleaning products

Assessing the requirements

Step 1/6

The first step is to understand your industrial cleaning processes. What is your biggest challenge? What do you dream of achieving? And how clean is clean, for you?

To fully understand the task, we come to visit your production facilities. Nothing beats facing a greasy challenge in real life for our industrial cleaning products. Last but not least, we take samples of the oil or emulsion back home to our lab and, if possible, the parts to be cleaned are taken as well.

Test & analysis of industrial cleaning solutions and products

Tests & analysis

Step 2/6

Now it’s time to find the best industrial cleaning solution to meet your needs.

To do so, our specialists perform several true-to-reality tests: we simulate your industrial cleaning process in our lab. To be specific, we test a wide range of water-based industrial cleaners with focus on their ability to demulsify (separating oil and water) in relation to your current application and equipment available.

After this comprehensive process, our lab chemists and technicians write you a report – offering you test results and an outcome for each cleaning product tested. Sounds geeky? Don’t worry. Your contact person will go through the report with you and explain which water-based industrial cleaning product is best recommended for your operation.

You might think this seems like a time-consuming process. It’s not. You get the report within 14 days from our visit in step 1.

Developing the industrial cleaning products and solution for you

Development (R&D)

Step 3/6

Sometimes it happens that we meet new challenges. Something we have not seen before. That’s when our chemists at the lab jump with excitement. Because now they have to go to work. That’s the beauty of having our own lab. We just do the magic ourselves.

New products go through numerous tests at our own test facilities. We will also need real life testing at customers. Customers who are eager to get optimum result in their production flow. Customers facing specific challenges. If we don’t have the product for you. We’ll make it.

Implementation of industrial cleaning product and solutions


Step 4/6

Our thorough testing and analysis ensures that your new industrial cleaning product works in your manufacturing environment. Now we are ready to put it into action.

One of our experienced technicians will pay you a visit. Firstly, he oversees the cleaning of the machines and makes sure they are of an equally high standard as the chemicals going in.

When your machine is ready, our technician will adjust it according to the new industrial cleaning solution. Finally, he will pour in the metal cleaning product and adjust the machine to ensure optimum performance.

Follow up on the industrial cleaning solution


Step 5/6

After using the new water-based cleaner for 21 days, you will get a visit from your dedicated contact person and experienced technician. Together, we will talk about the performance of your industrial cleaning solution and our industrial cleaning products. We will also train your staff and offer tips and tricks for efficient maintenance of the bath.

95% of our customers experience improvements within the first 21 days. Hopefully, you will too. If you don’t, you will get your money back. No gain, no cost. Simple as that.

Maintenance of the industrial cleaning products and solutions

Maintenance & Service

Step 6/6

We are always ready to help you. According to your needs and wishes, our technician will perform service visits. This way we make sure the industrial cleaning solution meets your high standards and offers you Pure Performance.

Our water-based industrial cleaning solutions are formulated to provide the highest level of cleanliness – and the lowest possible impact on people and the environment.

We develop your
cleaning product

Our Pure Performance concept is very much about helping you find the perfect industrial cleaning solutions and products. Because no cleaner fits all.

That is why our chemists and technicians are constantly innovating new water-based cleaning products that work at low temperatures. We bet we have the perfect cleaning product for you, too – and if we don’t, we will develop it.

Can you feel it, too?

On the spotless surface, achieving Pure Performance of industrial cleaning products might seem easy. It is not. It is a question of chemistry and knowledge.

So, if you, like us, believe in the power of working with dedicated specialists, we are ready to help. Let’s reduce cost and improve your environmental footprint with a new industrial cleaning solution.

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