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Industrial floor cleaner - try DST-FLOOR CLANER

Clean floor
equals green floor

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective heavy duty industrial floor cleaner? One that will actually remove those burn marks in your high-activity work-shop or production environment? Look no further.

Industrial floor cleaner that cut costs and saves time
Industrial floor cleaner that cut costs and saves time

Clean surroundings,
clean mind

Like any other cleaner from DST-CHEMICALS, you will experience a high-quality product formulated with both the environment and work environment in mind.

DST-FLOOR Cleaner is a water-based industrial floor cleaner. It is biodegradable, pH -neutral, requires no labelling and makes your floor a safe place to move around. 

The product is designed for:

  • Epoxy – first and foremost
  • All types of surfaces
  • All types of floor coatings
  • All types of floor scrubbing machines
  • Manual operations

3 reasons why customers choose DST-FLOOR CLEANER

Industrial floor cleaner easy and ready to use

smiley faces

Works at room temperatures. No heating, no odours or fumes involved. No labelling required. Easy and ready to use. At the same time, the safer work environment puts a smile on the operator’s face.

Industrial floor cleaner that eases your workday

Eases your

Pour in water-based DST-FLOOR Cleaner into your automated floor cleaning machine and run over the floor just once. Or simply give the floor a manual wash. The product does the job just the same. 

Industrial floor cleaner that creates smily purchase faces

Creates smiley
purchase faces too

Low concentration and excellent floor cleaning in just one go means low consumption and low cost. Something, which will make your purchase manager smile too.

Don’t let today’s cleaning contaminate tomorrow. Choose a water-based
industrial cleaning solution.

Does DST-FLOOR Cleaner fit your needs?

Most likely.

It works with all types of surfaces and floor coatings. It leaves a thoroughly cleaned shop floor on the first round of cleaning, ensuring a clear and non-slippery workspace for the work force.

Developed and produced in our own lab

People from all over the world use our Industrial floor cleaners. With good reason.

Our product quality is high due to our fantastic science team in our lab. The team develops and produces all our water-based industrial cleaning products at our headquarters in Denmark. Do you want a spotless result?

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