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Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct represents our core values and reflects our continued commitment to ethical business practices, regulatory compliance, social and environmental responsibilities. We are aware that our responsibility goes beyond our own activities, and we take a responsible approach in our way of doing business.

DST-CHEMICALS Group is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified since 2015.

Human rights

It is important for DST-CHEMICALS Group that all people related to our business are treated with respect and dignity.

Discrimination – DST-CHEMICALS Group recognizes that cultural differences exist, and different standards apply in various countries, however, we believe that all terms and conditions of employment should be based on the individual’s ability to do the job, not based on personal characteristics or beliefs.

Forced labour and human traffickingDST-CHEMICALS Group will not conduct business that are associated with any form of bonded labour, forced labour, labour with a fear of punishment or any form of human trafficking.

Child labourDST-CHEMICALS Group will not conduct business that are associated with any form of child labour.


At DST-CHEMICALS Group, our employees form the basis of our success. We are committed to provide a motivating and inspiring work environment for our employees.

Working conditions – Employees must be treated within the applicable national or local laws of the countries in which DST-CHEMICALS Group are doing business. Suppliers shall fairly compensate their employees by providing wages and benefits, which comply with the national laws of the countries in which the suppliers are doing business.

Health and safety – DST-CHEMICALS Group provides a healthy and safe working environment for all employees. A healthy workplace environment includes the absence of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, physical reprimand or abuse as well as the absence of toxic levels of pollutants and the proper handling of chemicals.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining – DST-CHEMICALS Group respect their employees’ right to organize themselves and negotiate collective wage agreements.

Climate and Environment

It is important for DST-CHEMICALS Group that we conduct business in a sustainable way with care for the environment. We are aware that acting responsibly goes beyond our own activities, and we therefore carry out operations with care for the environment and strive to minimize adverse impacts on the environment, such as disproportionately large amounts of CO2 emissions and waste.
For further information read our Environmental Policy.

Anti-corruption and business ethics

At DST-CHEMICALS Group, we ensure that business decisions are made with high ethical standards and in compliance with the law. We work against corruption in all its forms, including bribery and facilitation payments.

Competition Law

DST-CHEMICALS Group act in compliance with national and international competition legislation and regulation to ensure fair competition.

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