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It’s a question of chemistry

Less maintenance. Less use of water. Less energy consumption. Less hassle. 
More productivity, cost reductions and smiley faces.
No matter if you are working in procurement or in production, you need a partner who really wants to help you. A partner who is eager to clean up your greasy challenges with water-based cleaning solutions.

That’s what we’ve done since 1987. We have manufactured and supplied chemicals for cleaning, degreasing, passivation and  derusting across a wide range of industries.

There is more. We are more. We are DST.  When you work with us, you’ll know that people like doing business with us because we’re genuine, friendly and skilled people.

Get to know the experts at DST-CHEMICALS

No solution fits all. That is why we need to understand your production processes before we can clean things up. What do you need? And what is
challenging you? When we get the bigger picture, our brightest minds put the smaller pieces together. We develop, assess, test, implement and maintain your water-based cleaning solution – with local service teams around the world.

DST-CHEMICALS improving our customers' business

When partnering with us, you get a water-based cleaning solution that will wipe out grease, corrosion, and bad-for-business processes. You get a solution that is eco-friendly and highly efficient at low temperatures. This will help you cut costs, raise standards and make your production shine.

The highlights

DST-KEMI was founded in Kolding, Denmark.

DST-DEGREEZ launched.

Obtained environment-friendly product certification.

Established DST-KEMI GmbH, Germany.

Moved to our current location. New and larger HQ offices and production.

Established DST-CHEMICALS India Pvt. Ltd.

Established operations in CEE.

DST-DERUST launched.

Acquired DST-CHEMICALS SARL in France.

Rebranding of the entire group to DST-CHEMICALS.

DST-PAS and DST-DEBURR launched.

Established DST-CHEMICALS AB, Sweden.

Initial ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

Established DST-CHEMICALS Inc in the US.

Established warehouse in Shanghai.


DST-PINK GEL launched.


Majority sold to Foreman Capital.

HOCNF approval obtained for the DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER

Established operations in Aberdeen for the energy, oil & gas industry.

CEFAS approval obtained for the DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER
Established operations in Norway for the energy, oil&gas, and marine industry.

DST-GEL brand and product portfolio launched

We stand together

– in reaching your goals

We usually say that we were already working towards fulfilling the UN sustainability goal about responsible production before it even existed.

Back in the early 80s our founder, Peer Funk, was selling hazardous chemicals. Peer was up-set about the negative impact of these chemicals on the work environment. Not to mention the careless disposal of waste-water. That is how it all started. In the basement on the pool table mixing water-based, non-hazardous chemicals.

Peer was convinced this was the way ahead. Our CEO, Jacob Funk still recalls how he helped his father finding the right mixture in order to obtain the highest level of cleanliness and at the same time reduce the environmental impact and help create a safer work environment.

To this day, this is still how we formulate new products. Admittedly, there are things we can’t clean. We won’t even try, because it goes against our philosophy, which started out in that basement. Long before the UN developed the Sustainable Development Goals as we know them today.

Sustainable development goals at DST-CHEMICALS


  • Sustainable production

  • Equality for our employees

  • Reduction of our environmental

Commitment to
our customers

  • Sustainable production

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Improved work environment

  • Use water-based chemicals today

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