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Environmental Policy

of DST-CHEMICALS A/S, and all subsidiaries

DST-CHEMICALS A/S is an international production company.

We produce and deliver eco-friendly degreasers, agents for temporary corrosion protection, derusting agents, agents for the removal of oxide layers, including cleaning after thermal and chemical deburring, and technical advice for the industry on the global market.

All products have been developed with the environment in mind and most are 100% biodegradable and not bioaccumulative.

We are operating according to the concept that the more we sell as a group, the better the environment is.

DST-CHEMICALS A/S is working continuously to improve our environmental performance.

We will:

  • Further sustainable development in society by preventing pollution and by removing unwanted environmental impacts;
  • Ensure that our efforts result in continuous and measurable environmental improvements;
  • Ensure that the DST group’s activities are planned and carried out in consideration of the individual, the working environment and the surroundings;
  • Ensure that DST-CHEMICALS’ production complies with applicable international standards as well as local environment and working environment legislation.

DST-CHEMICALS A/S will act with care in relation to environmental challenges by:
  • Being hesitant and attentive (in addition to what is required by applicable law) in using substances and processes which may pose a risk to people and the environment;
  • Aim to be among the most eco-friendly companies in our industry.

DST-CHEMICALS A/S will launch initiatives to further increase environmental responsibility by:
  • Increasing the environmental consciousness of our staff and ensuring that they commit to the environmental efforts through education and training.
  • Making environmental requirements regarding materials, products, raw materials as well as services through dialog and collaboration with suppliers and partners;
  • Entering into an open and positive dialog with the outside world regarding the results of our environmental efforts.

DST-CHEMICALS A/S wants to support the development and spreading of eco-friendly technologies by: 
  • Developing new products and revising existing processes by continuously assessing the environmental impact on raw materials and resource consumption;
  • Ensuring open collaboration with the authorities regarding new legislation;
  • Aiming for global growth in the DST group in order to reduce the environmental loads;
  • Ensuring that product transport is carried out in an environmentally safe way.

Kolding, January 2021

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