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Industrial floor cleaning

Carefully developed and eco-friendly industrial floor cleaning 

To ensure safety and smooth production processes, cleaning floors is an important part of production. 
We at DST-CHEMICALS have specialized in the production of water-based cleaning solutions that degrease, derust and protect components from corrosion during the production process. 

With the knowledge we have acquired, it is obvious that we also offer a floor cleaner in our range. With DST-FLOOR CLEANER we guarantee high-quality cleaning results after just one wash. 

Why is professional floor cleaning crucial for industrial facilities?

Professional floor cleaning in industrial environments is crucial to ensure the safety of the work environment and promote efficiency and product quality in production. Clean floors help prevent accidents, increase productivity and ensure regulatory compliance.

Due to their unique composition, industrial floor cleaners are able to remove contamination and dirt after just one application. This significantly increases efficiency in production environments.

When you choose an industrial floor cleaner from DST-CHEMICALS, you are also choosing an environmentally friendly product. Thanks to its water-based composition, no harmful substances end up in wastewater or the environment.

Industrial cleaner for floors from DST-CHEMICALS

Like all our high-quality cleaners, this product was formulated with the environment and the working environment in mind – because efficient cleaning is a question of chemistry.

DST-FLOOR CLEANER is a water-based industrial floor cleaner, biodegradable, pH-neutral and label-free. The product is suitable for various floor types, including epoxy floors, as well as various floor coatings and cleaning machines. It can be used both in automatic cleaning machines and by hand. This makes the floor a place where employees can move safely.

Use Floor Cleaner for professional floor cleaning

The product is versatile and allows the cleaning of different types of floors. It removes contaminants such as oil and grease, dirt, brake, and tire marks in production environments and ensures that employees can move around safely. When you choose to partner with us, you will receive an environmentally friendly and extremely efficient solution that works at low temperatures. This helps you reduce costs, raise standards, and make your production shine.

Our commitment to environmentally friendly floor cleaning

DST-CHEMICALS industrial floor cleaner helps remove burn marks and contamination in busy workshops and production environments, keeping the workplace safe and clean. DST-FLOOR CLEANER allows easy and ready-to-use application at room temperature, without heating, odors or fumes.

Thanks to its low concentration and cleaning of the floor in just a single step, it results in low consumption and cost savings. DST-FLOOR CLEANER is suitable for a variety of surfaces and floor coatings and offers an efficient water-based cleaning solution.

Can you feel it, too?

On the spotless surface achieving Pure Performance might seem easy. It is not. It is a question of chemistry.

So, if you, like us, believe in the power of working with dedicated specialists, we are ready to help. Let’s reduce cost and improve your environmental footprint with a new industrial cleaning solution.

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