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High-quality ultrasonic cleaning agents from DST-CHEMICALS for efficient cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaners from DST-CHEMICALS are special water-based cleaners that are used in combination with ultrasonic cleaners to remove dirt from various objects and materials.

High-quality cleaning is a question of chemistry. Get support from one of the leading specialists and increase efficiency in your production with water-based cleaners that have been adapted to your individual needs.

An overview of Ultrasonic cleaning agents

Ultrasonic cleaning agents improve the cleaning efficiency of ultrasonic systems. They are an important part of the cleaning process and help remove dirt, contaminants, grease, oil, deposits, and other residues from the surfaces of the components to be cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning agents have a wide range of applications and are used in various industries.

Ultrasonic cleaning is used in industry to clean components and workpieces. In medicine, the devices clean medical instruments. In addition, ultrasonic cleaners are used in the jewelry and optics sectors.

Ultrasonic cleaner liquid from DST-CHEMICALS

At DST-CHEMICALS, we develop the ultrasonic cleaning agent that suits your needs. There is no universal solution that is equally suitable for all situations. That’s why it’s crucial for us to understand your production processes before you can start cleaning. What special requirements do you have? What challenges do you face?

All of our DST-DEGREEZ products can generally be used for ultrasonic cleaning. However, once we have a complete understanding of your situation, our brightest minds put the puzzle pieces together. We develop, evaluate, test, implement and maintain your water-based cleaning solution with the support of local service teams worldwide.

We call this approach the “Pure Performance Concept”. In fact, it is more than just a concept; it has been our guiding star since our founding in 1987. Pure performance is our promise to you.

DST-CHEMICALS – your partner for water-based cleaners

With over 35 years of experience, we at DST-CHEMICALS are leading manufacturers of water-based cleaners. Our cleaners are more environmentally friendly, healthier, and safer than other solvents. They also help you save on energy costs because they are highly efficient even at low temperatures.

The most important advantages of water-based cleaning agents are the following:

Environmentally friendly

Compared to chemical cleaners, water-based cleaning products are usually biodegradable and therefore have a lower environmental impact.

Health compatibility

Water-based cleaning products contain no or only very small amounts of chemicals that can be harmful to health.


Water-based cleaners are less flammable and less irritating to the skin and eyes. 

Water-based ultrasonic cleaners from DST-CHEMICALS are a good choice for anyone who values environmental friendliness, health compatibility and safety. Talk to our experts about your needs and let us create an efficient cleaner for your needs. 

FAQ about ultrasonic cleaners

Which cleaning products for ultrasonic cleaners?  
Various cleaning agents are available for ultrasonic cleaners, including alkaline, neutral and acidic versions. Depending on the contamination and the type of material to be cleaned, different cleaning agents should be used. 

What cannot be cleaned with ultrasound?  
Not all materials are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. These include, for example, wood, sensitive gemstones, painted surfaces, or textiles. These materials can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and, if in doubt, carry out a test to ensure that the items to be cleaned are suitable for the ultrasonic process. 

How much cleaner is used in ultrasonic systems?  
The ideal ratio between cleaning agent and water depends heavily on the type of product, material, and contamination. To guarantee optimal cleaning results, we at DST-CHEMICALS have developed the Pure Performance concept. Here we analyse your specific requirements and use them to produce a highly effective product. Our laboratory will inform you of the appropriate mixing ratio for your product. It is important to use the correct mixing ratio to achieve optimal results. For conventional cleaners, the mixing ratio can be found on the cleaner packaging.  
There are also special ultrasonic cleaners for specific applications that do not require dilution with water. 

Can you feel it, too?

On the spotless surface achieving Pure Performance might seem easy. It is not. It is a question of chemistry.

So, if you, like us, believe in the power of working with dedicated specialists, we are ready to help. Let’s reduce cost and improve your environmental footprint with a new industrial cleaning solution.

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