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DST-PAS industrial rust inhibitor

Surface inhibition or
corrosion protection

Short term or long term industrial rust inhibitor? Indoor or outdoor storage?
Let’s find out what suits your needs. DST-PAS is our range of eco-friendly rust prevention products.

DST-PAS eco-friendly industrial rust inhibitor
DST-PAS eco-friendly industrial rust inhibitor

Rust inhibitor
for every purpose

With DST-PAS you can choose a water-based industrial corrosion and rust inhibitor for all types of metal items, including:

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Steel
  • Cast iron

3 reasons why customers
choose DST-PAS

DST-PAS industrial rust inhibitor gives long term protection

Long term

Are you transporting products overseas? DST-PAS protects against high humidity and meets all finishing and passivation requirements. And it even works from 20°C – what’s not to like?

DST-PAS industrial rust inhibitor gives short term protection

Short term

The water-based DST-PAS products’ pH varies from neutral to slightly alkaline. When formulated, all metal types were specifically top of mind – along with a safer work environment. 

DST-PAS industrial rust inhibitor improves your work flow

Improves your
work flow

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to paint directly on the parts without having to rewash? With DST-PAS, this is actually possible. Temporary corrosion inhibitor for indoor storage makes your life easy, right?

Don’t let today’s cleaning contaminate tomorrow. Choose a water-based
industrial cleaning solution.

Which DST-PAS product fits your needs?

It depends.

It depends on time, humidity of the surroundings as well as the form of transportation. On the metal you need to protect. On the way you protect – spray,dip, flow… And, okay, you get it.

To help you find the right DST-PAS product, we follow a process. It’s called Pure Performance and it kicks off with us assessing your requirements.

Developed and produced in our own lab

People from all over the world use our metal passivation. With good reason.

Our product quality is high due to our fantastic science team in our lab. The team develops and produces all our industrial rust inhibitors at our headquarters in Denmark. Do you want a spotless result?

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