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DST-DEGREEZ® for engine and metal cleaning and degreasing

Degreasing and parts cleaning with DST-DEGREEZ

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective metal-cleaning solution? Perfect. DST-DEGREEZ is our range of highly popular parts cleaning and degreasing products.

Degreaser cleaner for metal parts and engines
Degreaser cleaner for metal parts and engines

An industrial cleaner
for every purpose

With DST-DEGREEZ you can choose a water-based cleaner for every purpose. The product portfolio consists of more than 40 products developed and manufactured to help you degrease and clean all types of metal items including:

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel

3 degreasing advantages

Works at low temperatures

Engine and metal cleaning and degreasing works at low tempertures
– and is foam-free from 38°C. This allows you to cut operating costs and streamline cleaning processes.

Makes your
workday easier

Make your worklife easier with engine and metal cleaning and degreasing

The pH of our water-based DST-DEGREEZ products varies from slightly acidic to neutral and slightly alkaline. As a result, degreasing of all types of metal is possible – without risking the health of employees.

Improves bath life and involves fewer stoppages

Improve bathtime with engine and metal cleaning and degreasing

This is possible as the DST-DEGREEZ products are demulsifying. As a result, the oil is separated from the washing solution and can be removed from the bath using an oil skimmer. Easy, right?

Don’t let today’s cleaning contaminate tomorrow. Choose a water-based
industrial cleaning solution.

3 X

Bath life time

54 %

cost savings

56 %

cost reduction

37 %

Man hour
cost reduction

The best industrial degreaser pays off

Take a look at these shiny numbers.

As you can see in this anonymised example, choosing a DST-DEGREEZ product is good business. The initial cost is high and the total cost of ownership is low. This is what we are all about – helping people clean things up and save money.

Which DST-DEGREEZ product fits your needs?

It depends. It depends on your production facilities. On the metal you need to clean. On the washing machines you use. And… okay, you get it. To help you find out which of our 40+ DST-DEGREEZ products to choose, we follow a process. It’s called Pure Performance and it kicks off with us assessing your requirements.

Developed and produced in our own lab

People from all over the world use our industrial cleaners. With good reason. Our high product quality is due to the fantastic team of scientists in our lab. They develop and produce all our water-based industrial cleaning products at our headquarters in Denmark. Do you want a spotless result?

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