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Rust removal the responsible way with DST-DERUST

rust removal

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective rust removal solution? You have come to the right place. DST-DERUST is our range of popular derusting products.

DST-DERUST is our range of popular derusting products that removes rust.
DST-DERUST is our range of popular derusting products that removes rust.

A rust remover for
even the most iron-willed

With DST-DERUST you can choose a water-based and non-hazardous industrial rust remover to get rid of that deep rust you never thought possible. The derusting portfolio consists of several products developed and manufactured to help you remove rust from these metals:

  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Aluminium

3 reasons why customers

DST-DERUST removes rust and lowers your energy costs

Lowers your
energy costs

Did we already mention the word cost-effective? The rust remover products work efficiently already from room temperature. This allows you to cut costs and save a substantial amount on your energy bill.

DST-DERUST removes rust and creates a safer work environment

Creates a safer
work environment

The water-based DST-DERUST products’ pH is neutral. From pH 5.7 – 6.6. None of the products in the portfolio requires labelling. Amazing right? With DST-DERUST you are no longer risking employees’ health. 

DST-DERUST removes rust and requires no extra handling

Requires no
extra handling

This is possible as the DST-DERUST products remove all kinds of corrosion and rust, even red iron oxides. Do you need to laser weld after treatment? No problem – just go ahead. 

Don’t let today’s cleaning contaminate tomorrow. Choose a water-based
industrial cleaning solution.

3 X

Bath life time

54 %

cost savings

56 %

cost reduction

37 %

Man hour
cost reduction

The best rust
remover pays off

Take a look at those shiny numbers.

As you can see in this anonymised example, choosing a DST-DERUST product is good business. The initial cost is high and the total cost of ownership is low. This is what we are all about – helping you get rid of that rust and save money.

Which DST-DERUST product fits your needs?

It depends.

It depends on the metal you need to derust. It depends on the level of rust. It depends on your set-up. And, okay, you get it.

To help you find the right DST-DERUST product, we follow a process. It’s called Pure Performance and it kicks off with us assessing your requirements.

Developed and produced in our own lab

People from all over the world use our industrial cleaners. With good reason.

Our product quality is highly due to our fantastic science team in our lab. The team develops and produces all our water-based industrial cleaning products at our headquarters in Denmark. Do you want a spotless result?

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