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Near neutral
water-based cleaner

We are quite proud to say that DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner was developed in close collaboration with a multinational corporation. The overall aim was for us to help create a safer work environment when cleaning offshore installations.

DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner for offshore installations
DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner for offshore installations

An industrial cleaner
for a specific need

DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner is formulated with the safety of the operators in mind. As a matter of course, HOCNF approval was achieved. 

The product is to be used directly in manual spray cleaning processes offshore on drilling/production sites on deck and wirelines on developments in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea and in the Norwegian Sea.

3 reasons why customers choose DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner

DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner makes your work environment safer

Makes your work
environment safer

As the product is water-based and non-corrosive it can be used by the operator without compromising health and well-being – the whole reason for developing the product. 

DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner offers peace of mind

Offers peace
of mind

Don’t worry about the surrounding marine life, as the water-based DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner can be chucked away into the sea without environmental impact. Naturally, the product is HOCNF approved under the OSPAR agreement.   

DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner eases your work day

Eases your
work day

Safe cleaning of decks and wires on offshore installations – basically, DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner removes grease and oil from all surfaces.
Easy, right?

Does DST-OFFSHORE Cleaner fit your needs?

Do you want to get things cleaned up efficiently on your rig? And without compromising on the operator’s health and your maritime surroundings? 
You have come to the right place.

Developed and produced in our own lab

People from all over the world use our industrial cleaners. With good reason.

Our product quality is high due to our fantastic science team in our lab. The team develops and produces all our water-based industrial cleaning products at our headquarters in Denmark. Do you want a spotless result?

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