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How to maintain high-quality product standards

The full potential of industrial cleaning solutions realised

VOLA A/S, a renowned Danish manufacturer specializing in design fixtures, has achieved remarkable advancements in their cleaning processes through a close collaboration with DST-CHEMICALS for over 20 years.

This long-lasting and dynamic partnership has not only resulted in substantial cost savings but has also witnessed a remarkable enhancement in the quality of VOLA’s wash baths. Prioritising their commitment to high production standards and Danish craftsmanship, VOLA faced the challenge of frequently changing their wash baths, which not only consumed valuable resources but also impacted their operational efficiency.

When a high-quality manufacturer meets
high-quality cleaning services

The partnership between VOLA A/S and DST-CHEMICALS A/S began in the early 2000s. The collaboration has not only addressed the need for a more precise measurement method of the quality of the wash baths but has also ensured consistent high quality in the cleaning process. This breakthrough has since the beginning elevated VOLA’s already high standards, guaranteeing top-notch results every time. 

DST-CHEMICALS recognises and appreciates VOLA’s commitment to Danish production, high quality, and stringent production standards: “We are proud to be able to deliver solutions that align with VOLA’s values and contribute to their continued success”.

Embrace the power of water-based industrial cleaners
to prolong the bath lifetime

As part of the Pure Performance concept, DST-CHEMICALS conducted a comprehensive evaluation of VOLA’s existing wash processes. Through advanced testing, DST-CHEMICALS identified the most suitable water-based cleaning product that not only ensured effective cleaning but also reduced the need for frequent bath changes.

The regular service and maintenance visits conducted by the dedicated service team from DST-CHEMICALS not only ensures optimal operation of all VOLA’s cleaning processes after machining but the visits also allows for ongoing improvements as well as training of VOLA’s staff.

Key outcome


  • Extended intervals between bath changes:
    From 26 to 4 changes per year.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Improved productivity.


  • Introduction of systematic method for
    measuring and monitoring bath quality.
  • Ensures consistent high cleaning standards
    for VOLA’s production.


  • Implementation of service plan.
  • Dedicated technician visits VOLA
    approximately once per quarter.
  • Ensures optimal operation of cleaning process.
  • Allows for ongoing improvements
    and adjustments.

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