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How to maximise efficiency with industrial cleaning

Unleash the potential of
Industrial cleaning

Centurion Power & Equipment is a business line of Centurion Group, a UK based company. They offer a comprehensive range of power and equipment solutions to meet various industry needs such as power generation and industrial equipment, energy storage solutions, power distribution equipment, maintenance, support services. Through these services they can provide customers globally, across several industry sectors including offshore, with temporary power, air, steam, and rental equipment solutions.

Say goodbye to clogged compressors

Industrial cleaning plays a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and performance of equipment, as demonstrated by the experience of Centurion. The company faced significant challenges in removing carbon and rust from their spark arrestors used offshore, which may have resulted in adverse consequences. If not properly cleaned, the accumulation of rust and carbon hindered the compressors’ ability to operate optimally, impacting their overall efficiency and lead to elevated temperatures of up to 120°C. Underestimating the importance of industrial cleaning can have serious consequences on equipment performance and functionality. Additionally, it is worth highlighting that Centurion has experienced a significant reduction in man-hour cost due to the decreased need for washing interceptors. With the implementation of more efficient cleaning methods, the company now spends less time and resources on this task.

Industrial cleaning solutions provide increased functionality on compressor and power generation offshore

We have had a successful collaboration with Neil Harper, the Global Asset Manager at Centurion Power & Equipment (UK). Neil Harper has expressed great satisfaction with the efficiency and effectiveness of our partnership with DST. By using DST-DEGREEZ/9E and DST-DEBURR/T3, Centurion has achieved remarkable results in removing rust and carbon, with an impressive amount of 8 kg per asset. Considering they have 180 assets in need of cleaning; this translates to significant results. Hence, the temperature in their compressors has been reduced from 120°C to a much lower 50°C, thanks to the effectiveness of DST products. This has also allowed their spark arrestors to operate for longer. This achievement has led to increased customer satisfaction, as Neil Harper stated, “We have received excellent service from DST, who are always readily available and willing to go the extra mile alongside the customer.”

Key outcome


  • Achieved a significant temperature reduction of 60%.
  • High power usage is no longer equired for effective washing.
  • Lower temperatures have resulted in significantly reduced diesel consumption.
  • Improved productivity.


  • Equipment can be dispatched more quickly with the use of DST products.
  • Successfully removed 8 kg carbon and rust from spark arrestors.
  • Quicker turn around of equipment contributes to increased productivity and rental opportunities.


  • ESG key figures have been optimized through reduced energy consumption.
  • DST-products are eco-friendly, making them suitable for both onshore and offshore applications.
  • Improved working conditions for employees, positively impacting the social aspect of the company.

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