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Lower temperature and
extended bath life times

Renovation & repair

A smooth
wash process

VMS Group ensures a safe working environment with industrial cleaning

VMS Group A/S – World Class Maritime Services covers all aspects of service within in the maritime and offshore industry and others. For the repair and maintenance service, the company is using DST-DEGREEZ/9E.

Workshop manager Kim Brohus had three all-important demands for the cleaner:
• The quality of the washed items had to be impeccable
• The product had to be a single use product and had to contain corrosion inhibitors
• The product had to be safe for the working environment and eco-friendly

All three demands were met, and moreover, the economic gain was an extra asset. DST-CHEMICALS and Brohus achieved the cost savings through lowering the temperature and extending the bath life times.
Read more about the TCO here.

Kim Brohus comments: “We have an extremely close and very rewarding cooperation with the competent people from DST-CHEMICALS. They have found the perfect product to cover our needs – a product which fits the cleaning process of the various washes each day at our workshop.”

”Moreover, the service concept ensures that the wash process runs smoothly and that we achieve the best cleaning result all the time. The machine operators are extremely happy with the DST-DEGREEZ product, as it is eco-friendly and without any work-related nuisances at all.“

DST-CHEMICALS A/S develops and produces water based degreasers, cleaners and rust removers for the metal working industry.


  • Water-based and alkaline
  • Removes grease, wax
    and oils from metal
  • pH 9.1
  • Works in spray, dip or
    ultrasonic applications
  • For steel, stainless steel,
    cast iron, copper and brass
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

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Cleaning mobility in line
with sustainability

Maintenance and cleaning

Mobility in
line with

How HAMBURGER HOCHBAHN saves energy and water using industrial degreasers

HAMBURGER HOCHBAHN is owned by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. For more than 100 years, the company has been a pioneer within the field of sustainable mobility in Hamburg, and as the city was appointed “European Green Capital 2011“, standards are high as to air quality and climate protection. All subway lines and e-buses drive on certified eco-power. Our ambition: By 2030, the entire HAMBURGER HOCHBAHN fleet should be completely zero-emission. This is only possible by consistently focussing on sustainability within all areas – also in terms of use of resources and reduction of emissions wherever possible, for instance by switching to the products of DST-CHEMICALS.


Being a modern Hamburg company, our focus is on driving motion and progress for the future. This includes a consistent sustainability strategy, covering everything from a zero-emission fleet to low-energy maintenance and cleaning of our vehicles, and with DST-CHEMICALS a new course has been set in this regard.


I the subway workshop in Barmbek, bogies and add-ons for the vehicles are regularly degreased, repaired and mounted. These maintenance and cleaning tasks have so far required much time and energy. This is going to change. “It was important for us to find an energy-saving solution for the degreasing process”, team manager Michael Schnabel says. The biodegradable and water-based cleaner DST-DEGREEZ/9E was the right solution. It makes it possible to reduce the temperature of the BVL cleaning plant from 60°C to 45°C – with the same high-quality result.


“A temperature reduction of 15°C resulted in significant energy savings of up to 45%. And we have further reduced our water consumption significantly”, Michael Schnabel is happy to say.

Finally, a precise additional dosing of the cleaner along with reduced evaporation and a bath life of more than six months became possible.

This means: Reduced waste, reduced workloads and reduced environmental impact. A service technician from DST-CHEMICALS comes by regularly to ensure that the processes enable optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


  • Biodegradable and water-based cleaner
  • 45% less energy consumption by reducing
    the temperature with 15°C
  • Significant energy and water savings
  • Precise additional dosing
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced environmental impact

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