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How to start your career in our DST-family

We will let you in on a secret on how we became successful. 

To make it short: By getting the right people on board.

We work hard every day to realise our ambitions and goals, because we are ambitious both in business and with our human oriented culture. In our DST-Family we love to work together, help each other, share insights and achieve success.

Start your career at DST-CHEMICALS
Start your career at DST-CHEMICALS

we like to do things
our way …

We listen to each other and our customers. We look at everything with an open, positive mindset and like to be inspired by eachother. You might also want to read our code of conduct before you start your career with us.

Nice to know about us:

  • 14 different nationalities
  • 2 (usually) fun company parties a year
  • 7 years of company seniority on average
  • 40 home offices scattered over most of Europe
  • 1 separately operating entity in India
  • 6 subsidiaries
  • 1 main production facility located in Denmark

To start or continue
your career?
Current job openings

From candidate to colleague
– how we do it

This is our recruitment framework – most of the time we follow all the steps.

Apply for a job at DST-CHEMICALS

Apply for a job

Or send an unsolicited application to [email protected]

Short call about the job at DST-CHEMICALS

Short call

With the local manager responsible for the recruitment. Just to hear your voice, learn a bit about you and your motivation for applying.

In-person interview for a job at DST-CHEMICALS

In-person interview

This is a more in-depth interview with your potential manager and HR, and all about getting to know each other. What motivates you and what are your personal competences?

Personal profiles is a part of applying for a job at DST-CHEMICALS

Personal analysis

Depending on the position we create personal profiles. These are created by external partners. You will also receive feedback from our external partner. This process is one way of evaluating each new employee in order to find the right match. 

Second job interview

Second interview

Based on the feedback from the personal analysis and the first interview we focus even more on your motivation for the job. We might ask you to prepare a specific job related task. Apart from your potential manager, one of you future colleagues or our CEO might be present as well. 

You got the job at DST-CHEMICALS

You got the job

After evaluation you will know if you are on board. We will call you in any case and also give feedback if you did not get the job. Sometimes we send a Job Offer Letter beforehand, and you will always receive a final contract for signing. 

Learning by doing
usually works for us

As soon as you start working, we expect you to be hands-on and open minded. You’ll start off with one-week general onboarding at HQ in Kolding, where you learn everything about us, our story, your colleagues, our workflow… afterwards, it’s time for the real action.

You will get  in-depth training on the job. Maybe have a mentor to help you. You will also have to teach us a few things because we love to work with experts and hopefully you are one too, either due to your experience or your education. We are all excited to learn more, so we can do more. It’s all about learning by doing.

HR Manager Sune Buus Nielsen at DST-CHEMICALS

Do you feel DST today?

If you’d like to work with us this is the place to be. Our LinkedIn company page is equally great as we usually highlight vacancies there as well.

HR Manager Marianne Holm likes to talk, especially to dedicated people who believe they can make a difference. Please fill in the form.

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