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How to prolong bath lifetime and optimize your production process

With the right industrial cleaner you can extend bath lifetime by weeks or even years. Curious to discover how and see all the benefits? Find out here.

Prolong bath lifetime and optimize
your production process

How do you make your cleaning process more sustainable? Well, it’s all about doing more with less. Less water. Less energy consumption. And less maintenance.

But how can you do that without compromising on cleanliness? The short – and probably not so surprising – answer is to choose the right water-based industrial cleaner that fits your production process.

Would you like the longer and more thorough answer? Then keep scrolling.

Extend bath lifetime by several weeks.
Or maybe even years

Yes, you read it right. Extending bath lifetime is possible – with the right cleaning solution that fits your production process perfectly. It all starts by choosing the optimum sustainable industrial detergent. And the result? It’s better than you think. You reduce energy consumption and increase your production time.

Let’s take an example.

Let’s say you have a bath that contains 5,000 liters. The lifetime of the bath is three months and the water temperature is 70°C. Decent, right? Well, it could be even better. By using the right industrial cleaning solution, you can double the bath lifetime to six months and lower the water temperature to 45°C. You not only save a lot of water – you also reduce your energy bill significantly, while maintaining – or even improving – cleanliness.

A smoother wash process and longer
bath lifetimes for VMS Group

VMS Group covers all aspects of service within the maritime and offshore industry. They had three important demands for their industrial detergent:

  1. The quality of the washed items had to be impeccable
  2. The product had to be a single-use product and contain corrosion protection
  3. The product had to be eco-friendly and safe for the working environment

With the right industrial detergent for their particular production, all three demands were met. And moreover, the economic gain was an extra asset. Their new cleaning process ensures that the wash process runs smoothly, and they achieve cost savings through lowering the water temperature and extending bath lifetimes.

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VMS group's success with industrial cleaning through DST-CHEMICALS in the offshore industry.

4 tips to keep your bath in
good condition for longer

In order to ensure efficient and high-quality industrial parts cleaning and to optimize bath lifetime, there are several things you can do. Some of them are:

Make sure to keep the correct pH level in the bath. This will prevent corrosion and reduce degradation of the bath. At DST-CHEMICALS, our technicians help you check the purity, the condition of the bath and the entire washing process in general.

Keep the bath at an optimal temperature to prevent degradation and extend its lifespan. Higher temperatures aren’t necessarily better. By choosing the right cleaner, you can lower the temperature and reduce energy costs.

Go through regular maintenance checks to identify any potential issues early on and prevent them from causing long-term damage. At DST-CHEMICALS, our promise to our customers is that we are in this together. And we stick to this promise by providing maintenance and service to ensure your requirements are met – every day.

Make sure to stick to the recommended instructions for bath usage and maintenance to ensure that the bath is used and maintained correctly.

The highest level of cleanliness
at the lowest possible cost

Keeping your industrial parts cleaning sustainable is important. On the other hand, you also need to make sure your cleaning processes are kept at the lowest possible cost. We get that. So let’s focus on some of the economic gains that are achieved by extending bath lifetime.

  • Increase production time:
    Fewer interruptions in your production process means more time for what’s important for your business – enhanced productivity.

  • Cut heating costs:
    With longer bath lifetime, you need less water and less cleaner. And with the right detergent you can lower the water temperature significantly.

  • Achieve energy savings:
    When lowering the water temperature, you use less energy each time you need to heat up the bath.

The best industrial cleaner pays off

Choosing a DST-CHEMICALS cleaning product is good business. And so it was for Sona BLW Precision Forgings, an automotive technology company based in India.

Just take a look at these shiny numbers:

Statistisches Material über unsere Gesamtbetriebskosten

Less water.
Less environmental impact

The best way to reduce water consumption is to choose a cleaning solution that makes it possible to extend the life of your bath. If you do this, the results are clear. You reduce waste-water as well as water and energy consumption. A win-win situation for the environment and for your business.

Curious to know more about how you can meet the environmental demands – and keep up the cleaning standard?

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VMS group's success with industrial cleaning through DST-CHEMICALS in the offshore industry.


Take the right step towards longer bath lifetime

Finding the right cleaning solution isn’t easy. Because no cleaner fits all. It is a question of chemistry and knowledge.

First, it is necessary to carry out testing and analysis to fully understand your industrial cleaning processes. Then it is time to find, or maybe even develop, the right detergent and implement it in your cleaning processes. And furthermore, it is essential to ensure efficient maintenance of the bath as well as ongoing service.

At DST-CHEMICALS, we have a process that ensures you get a superior water-based industrial cleaning product – no matter whether you are looking for a degreaser, cleaner, rust inhibitor or rust removers. The process is called Pure Performance.

Learn more about Pure Performance 

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We understand the importance of sustainability and strive to make a positive impact on the environment. By offering a range of sustainable detergent solutions. DST-CHEMICALS demonstrate a genuine commitment to reducing the ecological footprint associated with cleaning processes. Joining forces with us means aligning yourself with a company that prioritizes ethical practices and actively contributes to the green agenda.

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