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Meet environmental demands – and keep up the cleaning standard

Meeting the environmental demands in industrial cleaning is very important for most companies. Here are 5 ways to do this.

The environmental demands on your business are increasing

This is putting industrial parts cleaning under pressure – unless you have the right cleaning products and process.

But how do you make your industrial parts cleaning both smarter and environmentally friendly? How do you reduce the cost per parts cleaned? And how do you find the best eco-friendly detergent for your particular operation? The answers to these questions might actually be simpler than you think. So let’s take a closer look at what you can do.

Does your industrial parts cleaning give you a clean conscience?

Let’s start by underlining the importance of eco-friendly cleaning. Honestly, we all know it is important, so the million-dollar question you really should ask yourself is: do we meet the environmental demands when cleaning or should our cleaning processes be even more eco-friendly?

Reduce, reuse and rethink

By staying up to date with the latest and greenest best practices, you can maintain cleaning standards while improving your bottom line. Sounds great, right? Here are 5 things you can do:

  • Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products
    The first one is obvious. If you are not already using environmentally friendly industrial cleaners, this is the first step to success. If you are, you should make sure that it is the right one. Because finding the best eco-friendly cleaner for your particular operation will pay off. A great place to start is to choose products that are developed using water-based chemicals. Those products are formulated to provide the highest level of cleanliness with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. With a solution from DST-CHEMICALS you can choose water-based cleaning products for every purpose.

  • Lower the water temperature
    When you are degreasing or cleaning industrial parts, the water temperature depends on the type of oil and grease, the functionality of the washing plant and the type and shape of the metal item. You probably know that. But are you aware that it is possible to lower the water temperature to save energy, man-hours and money? It is possible – but only when applying the right detergent.

  • Use less water
    The amount of water used when cleaning industrial parts can be huge. Really huge. This is neither good for the environment nor your operation. The best way to reduce water consumption is to choose a cleaning solution that makes it possible to extend the life of your bath without compromising on cleanliness. If you do this, the results are clear. You need less energy to heat up the water several times, you reduce waste-water and water consumption, and you increase production time. Learn more about how to prolong bath life here.

  • Educate your staff
    Make sure to educate your staff to give them the required qualifications. In this way, you ensure an environmentally friendly cleaning process from beginning to end. Help them to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. Make sure they know exactly the right amount of water and detergent at the right temperature to ensure the best possible result. Also, use easy-to-maintain equipment to maximize the bath lifetime and minimize your environmental impact.

  • Make ongoing quality assurance and adjustments
    Implementing the right environmentally friendly industrial degreaser or cleaner in your cleaning process is a great move. However, it is not the finishing line. Make sure to evaluate the quality of your cleaning process and let us help you adjust where and when necessary. Maybe there are even more environmental savings to be made later on – and the only way to find out is to keep scrutinizing and optimizing your cleaning process.

The best eco-friendly detergent that
makes your business shine

Choosing the right industrial cleaning solution for your operation is good business. It can help you improve quality while reducing water and energy consumption.

But how do you find the best detergent for your particular set-up? Well, it depends on several things. It depends on your production facilities, on the metal you need to clean and on the washing machines you use. Just to name a few.

At DST-CHEMICALS, we have a process that ensures you get a superior water-based industrial cleaning product – no matter whether you are looking for a degreaser cleaner, rust inhibitor or industrial degreasers. The process is called Pure Performance.

Learn more about Pure Performance 

energy savings of up to 45%

As a modern company, HAMBURGER HOCHBAHN has a consistent sustainability strategy, covering everything from a zero-emissions fleet to low-energy maintenance and cleaning of vehicles. And with DST-CHEMICALS, a new course has been set in this regard.

We have helped HAMBURGER HOCHBAHN reduce the water temperature of their baths by up to 15°C. The result? Significant energy savings of up to 45%. Perhaps you would like to learn more?

Read the case story →


Not less effective, just more environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly industrial cleaning does not have to be less effective. In fact, in the process of making sure that your industrial parts cleaning meets demands, you get the opportunity to streamline and optimize all of your cleaning processes.

The most important thing is to think of all the benefits, not only for the environment, but also those that your company can benefit from. The obvious one is that you improve your green footprint. The not so obvious one is that it helps you cut costs. It’s all about removing grease at the lowest possible cost. A win-win situation for the environment and for you.

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We understand the importance of sustainability and strive to make a positive impact on the environment. By offering a range of sustainable detergent solutions. DST-CHEMICALS demonstrate a genuine commitment to reducing the ecological footprint associated with cleaning processes. Joining forces with us means aligning yourself with a company that prioritizes ethical practices and actively contributes to the green agenda.

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