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Long-term relationship
in heat treatment

Cleaning before & after heat treatment

11 years
of success

Customers change, oils and emulsions change but the supplier stays the same

HART-TECH Sp. z o.o. has since 2010 been operating in the field of advanced heat treatment and thermo-chemical treatment technologies such as hardening, nitriding, steel tempering, steel annealing and much more. 

HART-TECH also offer services in the field of manufacturing hardened surface layers on machine parts and tools with the use of innovative material and technological solutions.

The technologies used by HART-TECH were developed at the Lodz University of Technology with the participation of HART-TECH’s own scientists.

Being a highly technological company who are dedicated to quality, innovation and the development of new technology requires a close relationship with the suppliers. DST-CHEMICALS has proven to be a reliable partner who is here to make sure we achieve the optimum cleaning result.” Says Mr. Robert Piertasik, Ph.D. of Materials Science.

Product development benefits existing customers

Mr. Piertasik continues “Over the years we have been running three different DST products. Just earlier in
2022 we saw new oils and emulsions from new customers which resulted in an oily surface. 

Again, the skilled people from DST took on the challenge and in August we converted to the newly developed DST-DEGREEZ/39, which again provided the spotless cleaning result required.”

Country Manager for DST-CHEMICALS Gregorz Kunicki adds: “We are constantly collecting input from our customers. Observing their processes and talking about challenges and demands from the end-user. The exact information that provides valuable input regarding product requirements which we report back to the laboratory and product developers at Head Quarters in Denmark.”

Both Mr. Piertasik and Mr. Kunicki are satisfied with the collaboration of the years. When working in a highly competitive industry it is of great importance to trust each other and to constantly be working towards achieving the optimum cleaning result.

  • A clean workpiece after successful cleansing

  • A display of 5 workpieces after a successful degrease.

Key outcome

  • Spotless cleaning result
    = No manual cleaning required 
  • Cleaning at 45°C
    = Low energy consumption
  • Non-hazardous products
    = Improved work environment 
  • Non-hazardous product
    = Less waste water
    = Less negative impact on the environment

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