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Perfect cleaning for the
wind turbine industry


Optimised cleaning processes ensures
high quality

How ZF Wind Power optimised their cleaning process and boosted productivity

ZF Wind Power puts wind turbines in motion and their advanced technology and service solutions contribute to the transformation of the global energy system, in which reliable, robust and efficient products and systems conserve precious resources.

In the world of wind turbine production, gearboxes are the heart of the operation. ZF Wind Power, a leading name in the industry, knows this all too well. But even the best gearboxes can’t perform their magic if they’re not spotless. That’s where DST-CHEMICALS comes into play, with their innovative cleaning solution – DST-PINK GEL. But you may ask, why pink?

Back in 2018, DST-CHEMICALS and ZF Wind Power put their heads together to develop, test, and optimise DST-PINK GEL. The journey wasn’t without its challenges, but the result was worth every effort.

Jean-Pierre Huyberechts (ZF Wind Power): “ZF is dedicated to standardising all our fluids to a consistently high level of quality. This ensures we deliver the same top-notch results to our customers, every time, no matter whether the gearbox is produced in the US, China, India, or Belgium. That’s precisely why DST-CHEMICALS is such a crucial partner for us.”


ZF Wind Power faced daily problems with poor wash quality and poor wash results using a different detergent. The gearboxes weren’t as clean as they needed to be, which led to excessive manual cleaning. Given their long-standing partnership and successful product development history, ZF Wind Power reached out to DST-CHEMICALS. Could they help develop a new cleaner?

DST-PINK GEL is a ready-to-use product that’s sprayed onto the part needing cleaning, then rinsed off. Any part of the gearbox still showing the pink colour are the tricky spots that need a bit of extra elbow grease. When ZF Wind Power produces gearboxes, every part must be immaculate before moving forward to the next step in the production process.

So, next time you see a wind turbine spinning gracefully in the breeze, remember – it’s not just about the wind. It’s also about the perfect cleanliness of each gearbox, thanks to DST-PINK GEL. And yes, it’s pink for a reason!


ZF Wind Power had a very particular set of requirements for the new detergent. It had to be effective and versatile and yet extremely user-friendly. Enter DST-CHEMICALS, with their can-do attitude and cleaning expertise.
Through a series of rigorous tests in both Lommel (Belgium) and Kolding (the headquarters of DST-CHEMICALS in Denmark), they hit upon the perfect solution. They added a dash of pink to the detergent. Not just for aesthetics, mind you, but to help the staff identify which areas needed a bit more elbow grease. The product also had to be ready-to-use and easily applied and removed.
After studying the product’s composition, our scientists at the lab at DST-CHEMICALS found just the right solution. DST-PINK GEL was then developed, tested in various processes, and put to work – first in Lommel, Belgium, and now globally at ZF Wind Power.


Here’s where things get really interesting. DST-PINK GEL is applied using a hand sprayer, and after a quick 10-15 minutes, it can be effortlessly removed by one person. They then apply a water-based corrosion inhibitor DST-PAS/1.
Now, instead of spending three hours on one gearbox and taking up valuable space, ZF Wind Power can handle six gearboxes at once. And all this with just one person and without using any solvents.


  • Co-creation and innovative solutions
  • Total cleaning and degreasing of metal parts on wind turbine gearboxes
  • Preparation for additional processing – lacquer or paint
  • Water based solution – no solvents used
  • Saves resources – both manpower and time
  • Standardising fluids – and quality – globally

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Safe cleaning on offshore installations

Offshore cleaning

Introducing safe cleaning 

Safe cleaning of equipment, structures and topsides offshore.

DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER was carefully developed through a strong partnership with a prominent, multinational offshore corporation who sought a cleaning solution that would significantly enhance workplace safety. In addition, the product needed to be water-based and highly effective in cleaning offshore installations located in the challenging environment of the North Sea.

A key requirement for the development process was to ensure that DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER would create a secure and healthy work environment for the operators on the rigs. 
The result is an innovative cleaning solution that allows offshore crews to perform their tasks safely and efficiently, without compromising their well-being or the surrounding environment.

Due to its exceptional performance and commitment to workplace safety, DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER has gained significant recognition among offshore operators, who now demand to work exclusively with the DST-products. This preference highlights the trust and confidence that operators have in the quality and reliability of DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER, as well as its positive impact on the work environment.

Like other high-quality products from DST-CHEMICALS, the development of DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER involved an indepth collaboration with the customer, as well as extensive testing and ongoing enhancements throughout the process. By working closely with the customer during every stage of development, DST-CHEMICALS was able to gain crucial insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by offshore operators, enabling them to create a product that truly addresses the industry’s requirements.

In line with the highest industry standards, DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER is HOCNF approved, adhering to the OSPAR guidelines. The Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) 2 is applicable to all chemicals utilized in offshore exploration and production activities within the OSPAR maritime area. The primary objective of the OSPAR commission is to protect and conserve marine life, including plants and animals, ensuring a sustainable and healthy ecosystem.

In summary, DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER is a pioneering cleaning solution that not only enhances workplace safety but also addresses the unique challenges and requirements of offshore installations. Through its careful development process, close collaboration with a multinational offshore corporation, and focus on creating a secure work environment, DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER stands out as an innovative and efficient solution for the offshore industry, highly demanded by operators.


  • To be used directly on equipment, structures and topsides offshore
  • Water-based and low alkaline
  • Ph 9.5
  • Removes grease and oil contamination
    from all surfaces
  • To be used directly in manual spray cleaning processes offshore
  • Highly demanded by operators
  • Improves the work environment

“DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER has gained significant recognition among offshore operators, who now demand to work exclusively with the DST-product”

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Lower temperature and
extended bath life times

Renovation & repair

A smooth
wash process

VMS Group ensures a safe working environment with industrial cleaning

VMS Group A/S – World Class Maritime Services covers all aspects of service within in the maritime and offshore industry and others. For the repair and maintenance service, the company is using DST-DEGREEZ/9E.

Workshop manager Kim Brohus had three all-important demands for the cleaner:
• The quality of the washed items had to be impeccable
• The product had to be a single use product and had to contain corrosion inhibitors
• The product had to be safe for the working environment and eco-friendly

All three demands were met, and moreover, the economic gain was an extra asset. DST-CHEMICALS and Brohus achieved the cost savings through lowering the temperature and extending the bath life times.
Read more about the TCO here.

Kim Brohus comments: “We have an extremely close and very rewarding cooperation with the competent people from DST-CHEMICALS. They have found the perfect product to cover our needs – a product which fits the cleaning process of the various washes each day at our workshop.”

”Moreover, the service concept ensures that the wash process runs smoothly and that we achieve the best cleaning result all the time. The machine operators are extremely happy with the DST-DEGREEZ product, as it is eco-friendly and without any work-related nuisances at all.“

DST-CHEMICALS A/S develops and produces water based degreasers, cleaners and rust removers for the metal working industry.


  • Water-based and alkaline
  • Removes grease, wax
    and oils from metal
  • pH 9.1
  • Works in spray, dip or
    ultrasonic applications
  • For steel, stainless steel,
    cast iron, copper and brass
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

More about DST-DEGREEZ

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