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Picture of Nick Bjerregaard, DST-CHEMICALS

Nick Bjerregaard

Technical Process Manager
My journey with DST-CHEMICALS began in 2004 and since then I have been involved in almost every corner of the technical aspects of our products and company I have done and overseen 1000s of conversions at new customers’. Seeing the look on a customer’s face when the parts come out super clean is one of the reasons why I get up in the morning and go to work. I often feel like saying: “Told you so.”

My background as a trained electromechanical engineer has helped me quite a bit during my years at DST. Some years back I received an award as ‘Little Helper’ – just like the cartoon character I help the creators aka our lab with their inventions and bringing them out in the real world.

Our vision: “We provide expert knowledge and service – the way it should be” is our guiding principle because no solution fits all, which is why we stay by our customers’ side throughout the entire cleaning process and beyond. With us, you’ll never be left alone as a valued customer.

When we say we deliver unique and innovative cleaning solutions, it’s not just words. It’s a promise of something more. Our products aren’t just about solving cleaning challenges; they save our customers money. Products that work at low temperatures, prolonging the bath-life, reducing water waste, cutting energy costs. You might argue that others can do that too – and yes, they can. I will will still argue that as this is our sole purpose, and we’ve been doing it for more than 35 years, our product benefits are simply better. Ldt’s not forget about the environmental impact. With companies increasingly required to comply with ESG regulations, DST products pave the way to a greener future, reducing CO2 emissions and combating other environmentally polluting factors. I like that thought!

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