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Offshore cleaning

All risks avoided

Safe cleaning of decks and wires on offshore installations

DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER has been developed in close collaboration with at large offshore customer, who was after a cleaner which could help create a much safer working environment. Simultaneously, the product had to be water-based and highly effective for cleaning the offshore installations in the North Sea.

It was a final demand that the product had to be less hazardous in order to secure the working environment for the operators. Using the new product from DST-CHEMICALS means that the offshore crew now work safely during the cleaning process, without involving any risks at all.

As any other high-end product from DST-CHEMICALS, this new product has been developed in close consultation with the customer and has undergone tests and improvements along the way. DST-OFFSHORE CLEANER is of course HOCNF approved in compliance with the OSPAR guidelines.

The Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) 2 applies to all chemicals used in connection with offshore exploration and production activities in the OSPAR maritime area. The OSPAR commission aims to protect and conserve marine animals and plants.

DST-CHEMICALS A/S also develops and produces water-based degreasers, cleaners and rust removers for the metal working industry.


  • To be used directly on deck and
    wires on offshore installations
  • Water-based and low alkaline
  • Ph 9.5
  • Removes grease and oil contamination
    from all surfaces